HDFC UPI App Download – HDFC BANK MobileBanking APP – Easy Money Transfer

By | December 13, 2016

hdfc upi app download : HDFC Bank has come up with Unified Payments Interface (UPI) system.  Now, customers of HDFC Bank can pay to any person without knowing their bank account number. In recent times many banks have adopted this UPI system for money transfers. Now HDFC is also walking in the same line as that of other banks and is all set to offer HDFC UPI facility to its customers. Customers who use mobile banking app can now use HDFC UPI APP feature.

HDFC UPI App Download – HDFC BANK MobileBanking APP – Easy Money Transfer

HDFC BANK MobileBanking App: HDFC has introduced UPI into its ‘Chiller’ and ‘Pay Zapp’ app.  Chiller app is an HDFC bank marked mobile wallet to the customer of any bank. Now with the launch of UPI app for HDFC, customers of other banks can use the HDFC bank mobile app.

HDFC Bank Mobile Banking

HDFC UPI app Download Procedure and How To Use

To use the UPI-based app of HDFC bank you have to download the HDFC Mobile banking app. It is the basic app for HDFC bank customers. This app is available for android, iOs, and windows platform. However, UPI functionality is available only for the android app.

1. Download the HDFC Mobile banking app from the google play. Install it in your smartphone.


2. Open the app. To access the HDFC mobile banking app you need 4 digit PIN. This pin is different from the ATM PIN. You can set a PIN immediately by giving your customer ID and mobile number. Once, the given mobile number matches with current mobile and bank records, you would be able to set the PIN.

hdfc upi app download

3. Alternatively, You can also directly go to the UPI platform. It is given at the bottom of the front page.

hdfc upi app access

4.  In the next page, you have to register for UPI. You have to choose a virtual payment address. It is similar to the email address. Give your name, select the secret question and give the answer.

hdfc upi app download

5. The bank would be, obviously, HDFC bank as there is no another option. tap on the Next button.

6. Now You have to choose the bank account number which would be used for the given account number. This step is required as you may have more than one account in HDFC bank.

hdfc upi app

7. After the registration for UPI, you have to set the MPIN. This MPIN is required whenever you transfer money to another account using the UPI platform. This MPIN gives you another level of security. This level of security is missing in mobile wallets.

8. To pay money to a person again tap on the ‘UPI’ . Select one of the payment options. You can perform these tasks through the UPI.

  • Pay to a virtual Payment address of any bank
  • Pay to a bank account by using an account number and IFSC code.
  • Collect money from another virtual payment address.
  • Check the transaction status.

Features of HDFC UPI App

  • The HDFC UPI app has a user-friendly interface. Using the app, it takes about 10 minutes to download and transfer money.  Below are the features of HDFC UPI App.
  • HDFC UPI app will allows the customer to pay money without knowing the bank account number. In place of account number, user can use virtual payment address.
  • The Virtual Payment Address (VPA) system is a unique address provided to each user on registration into UPI app. Users who download HDFC UPI app can create the VPA on their own.
  • Customers can also collect money from a person who uses the UPI app. By giving the VAP of the person user can ask an amount through the UPI app which will notify it to the person about the payment and the person will credit the amount.
  • Via this app, user can pay at stores and shops without the need of cash or card.
  • Users can create as many VPAs as they want. Users can give different VPAs to different people.
  • Instead of creating a separate app for UPI, HDFC has integrated it to its existing mobile app. User will see the option of UPI transaction.  User can enjoy all the aforementioned benefits of HDFC UPI going through this option.

How to use HDFC UPI App?

  • Download the HDFC Mobile banking app from Google Play Store and install it on your smartphone.
  • Register for UPI and choose VPA. Choose Bank account number.
  • On successful registration for UPI, set MPIN. This MPIN is necessary while transferring money to another account using UPI platform.
  • Provide your debit card details to set MPIN. This completes the registration for UPI and setting MPIN.  This is a one-time process.
  • If you want to pay money to a person tap on ‘UPI’ and select payment options.
  • Choose the payment to VPA, bank account and VPA of the payee.
  • Enter the amount to be transferred and tap on ‘Pay’.
  • The final step is to enter MPIN, which will transfer the money immediately.

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